Sajama Cut Softcore Acoustic AlbumSajama Cut Go Acoustic on Upcoming Release Sfeaturing Endah N Rhesa, Ade Paloh and More!

Sajama Cut is an indie rock band who is usually known for its several layers of sound when making music. Now the band try to serve something new on the table by releasing a new EP with acoustic mode. Titled “Softcore”, the EP is filled with seven songs that they have already released previously. To make it more exciting and attention grabbing, they have listed several musicians in order to re-arrange these songs. There are Ade Paloh (Sore, Marsh Kids), Asteriska (Barasuara), Eka Annash (The Brandals, Zigi Zaga), Endah N Rhesa, Lenna Rachel, dan Tenna Handarini that you can be found on this EP. As a band who often change their musical genre, this comes as the most striking thing the band has gone so far. Those musicians are also known to have a different genre in music from Sajama Cut.

“It actually relates to Sajama Cut’s tendency to always challenge ourselves. I personally want to breakdown the instinct of my songwriting method that I’ve been using, and the most effective way to do it is by playing it acoustically. Because there is no other element than melodies and basic rhythm. This is in line with my motives to approach the materials for next album with a new songwriting method,” said Marcel Thee, the vocalist of Sajama Cut. Marcel, alongside with Dion Panlima Reza (guitar), Hans Patria (keyboard), and Banu Satrio (drum) took these musicians on board in order to give them a whole new perspectives, ideas, insights and artistic approach.

Marcel cited Asteriska’s harmonization on “History of Witches” or Endah’s harmonization on “Rest Your Head On The Day” as a new experience for the band. These collaborators not only fill some parts on the song, they also participated in re-arranging those songs. “Softcore” which is released via Demajors can be obtained through Record Store Day 2018 festivities in Indonesia which happens from 21 – 22 April 2018.

“Softcore” Tracklist:

  1. History of Witches
  2. Speak In Tongues
  3. Rest Your Head on The Day
  4. Season Finale
  5. Idol SEmen
  6. Fin
  7. Fatamorgana