Bin Idris Two Songs Vinyl ReleaseBin Idris Reveals Two New Singles on 7″ Vinyl Titled “Two Songs”

Soloist Bin Idris has announced his upcoming release with not one, but two singles at once titled“Two Songs”. The man whose real name is Haikal Azizi is going to repress the two songs in the format of 7″ vinyl and they are titled “Ibrahim dan Iblis” and “Spirit Whale of The Majestic Ocean”. After releasing his debut album “Anjing Tua” last year, this becomes the first move of Bin Idris in 2018. The release date of this physical record falls during Record Store Day celebration in Indonesia on 21 April 2018. The records were taken from the early days of Bin Idris, as opposed to the thought that the singles were just composed. On a track called Spirit Whale of The Majestic Ocean”, Haikal who is also the frontman of stoner rock band, Sigmun, presents a music composition that is filled with repetitive bass line, heavy reverbs, samplings, and chaotic lead guitars. This track will lead you to think that Bin Idris is a genre-fluid project, with only him and God who know how his music is going to sound like. We’re pretty much into the laid-back vibe from this song that has no lyrics or vocals.

Bin Idris Two Songs Vinyl ReleaseWhile on “Ibrahim dan Iblis”, which is taken from a prophet’s name, the single sees Haikal’s experiment in trying various guitar tunings. He also learned to compose a song intuitively on the aforementioned track. Here, you can find his chanting throughout the song that adds a Middle-eastern/Indian touch to the song. Both songs were recorded from the span of 2016 – 2017, and act as a nod towards his debut digital release “Mahabharata”. There are going to be 300 copies of the vinyls that were repressed at Gotta Groove Records in Cleveland, Ohio, US. Thirty copies which were inserted randomly are Wax Mage vinyl hand-poured and hand-arranged directly on press (also hand pressed) by Heather and Sarah from Gotta Grove Records. With the gorgeously created artwork, the limited copies of Bin Idris’ upcoming release costs IDR175,000 via Orange Cliff Records. Head to the label’s social medias to place your order.

Bin Idris Two Songs Vinyl Release
Wax Mage Vinyl