Joko Anwar is Set to Direct Gundala MovieJoko Anwar is Set To Direct The Live Action of “Gundala”

Joko Anwar, a renown director behind critically acclaimed movies like “Janji Joni”, “Pintu Terlarang” or Pengabdi Setan” has recently announced that he will direct the live action of superhero movie called “Gundala”. Based on a superhero comic created by Hasmi in 1969, Gundala or also known as Gundala Putra Petir, the live action movie was first made in 1981 starring action actor, Teddy Purba as Gundala. This fictional character has the power of catching lightning and uses it as his source of power to combat the villains, not to mention that he is also incredibly fast. With his red and blue suit, and winged headdress, Gundala is like a mix between American superheroes with local wisdom. The news of Joko Anwar’s involvement in this project first emerged when he posted a silver wing picture onto his Instagram in January with the caption “Selamat siang, teman-teman”. Many fans had speculated that it was for Gundala, but the director remained silent until a while ago.

Joko Anwar is Set to Direct Gundala MovieHe took his personal Instagram which has more than 100,000 followers and Twitter with more than a million followers to announce his 7th big screen feature. Along with a caption that asked for the blessings from his fans, he also uploaded the first ever poster for “Gundala” movie. The poster is set in a rainy night, portraying several thugs bearing sharp weapons with their heads lifted up high as if they are about to enter a battleground. In the rainy sky, there is a picture of lightning that symbolizes the coming of Gundala to once again save the day from the criminals. The film will be produced by three production houses which are Screenplay Films, Bumilangit Studios and Legacy Pictures. There has not been any detail regarding which actor is chosen to play the lead or whether this new version will be a remake of the 1981’s version or an adaptation for other chapters from the comic book. This news surely delights the fans of his works and brings back nostalgia for those who grew up reading the famed comic book. Can’t wait to hear more about this project!