Peonies Thin Holidays Music VideoWatch This Wes Anderson-esque Video from Peonies for “Thin Holidays”

If you’re a fan of Wes Anderson’s movies like we do, there’s a high chance that you’d probably identify Peonies‘ latest visual was shot and conceptualized with the director’s style in mind. The dream pop band hailing from Jakarta have just unveiled their music video for single “Thin Holidays” through their record label’s Youtube account, Nanaba Records. Paramitha Citta (vocal, keys), Jodi Setiawan (vocal, guitar), and Cinta Marezi (vocal, bass) released this song a while ago as their third single. It tells about how an introvert enjoys his/her holiday while it still lasts. The video starring Hanna Azarya Samosir as the lead actor, was shot with a warm toned cinematography. Produced by Misashi Records with Lakibini Photo under the direction from Jodi Setiawan. The audience was taken on a journey of seeing Hanna goes on a holiday with herself accompanied by a chicken figure. The whole concept follows a unique and funny antics from the lead act and the chicken who spend their last minute of holiday.

With her tiny pink tent, we can not help but remember the scene from “Moonrise Kingdom”, as well as the chicken figure reminds us of Suzy wearing the raven costume. The color tone itself reminds us of “Grand Budapest Hotel” with pastel pink and coral as the main choice (okaaayy this is too much Wes Anderson for those who haven’t watched his films). Taking a whole month of shooting and editing process, the video was done in a relatively short time. “We intentionally picked Hanna as the cast, since she has the most suitable image for this song,” said Jodi. If you wonder who suffered as the chicken, it was no other than Harry Muthahhari who is the additional bassist of Peonies. Pandu also assisted Peonies as the additional drummer for the band, while he is also an active member of indie pop band from Malang, Much. The single can be enjoyed in its audio format on your favorite streaming services since February while the video can be watched on Youtube below.