MarcoMarche Down The Valley AlbumMarcoMarche Launched Explorative New Album “Down The Valley”

In 2014, folk band MarcoMarche have revealed their debut album “Warm House” upon great reception from the listeners. Throughout the time, this band had to postpone their career for a while after a half of the project which is Asterina Anggraini decided to depart from the band. It takes time before the founder, Duta Pamungkas found the perfect partner to fill in the vacant positon. Eventually, Chintana Ayukinanti was chosen as the “Marche” in this project, since Duta is the “Marco” of the band. Having been working together for the past two years, finally the band released their long awaited sophomore album called “Down The Valley”. The album was officially released in its physical format, on 18 February 2018, in conjunction with MarcoMarche solo showcase at Paviliun 28. The new album has MarcoMarche venture into a whole new area that they haven’t explored yet. They added more musical instruments in the tracks besides their usual acoustic guitar accompaniment.

Another experiment they try to emulate is using 434Hz frequency to record their music and present their tunes live. “This is the frequency of nature’s sound. Basically, we believe that this frequency could bring out mood which are more quiet, fresh, and peaceful. Although there might be different opinion out there, for us it still has a positive impact. We believe that positive energy from MarcoMarche’s songs could be delivered better to the listeners with this frequency,” said Duta. Replacing the position of Asterina wasn’t easy for Chintanam since they both have different vocal characters and styles. Chintana as said by Duta, has a more vibrant and positive energy to her voice. The inevitable comparison between the two was admitted by Duta as one of the tough challenge for the band’s new direction in sound.

“Down The Valley” as the title was taken from one of the track in this album. The duo were inspired with life, human and their journey as well as their quest on earth. Simply put, it digs deeper on the philosophical side of the world, and human specifically. They use a lot of symbolization on its lyrics with light music arrangement. The album can already be obtained in its CD format through order at @marcomarche__  on Instagram. It has also been revealed on digital streaming platform for you to easily enjoy it anywhere. Listen to their latest single “Mr. Moon” as a start below.