Wajah Abstrak Suara Minoritas Music Video“Suara Minoritas” Music Video by Wajah Abstrak Interpret The Unheard Voice

An indie folk band that goes by the name Wajah Abstrak have revealed their newest music video for “Suara Minoritas”. On a rather mellow and gray-ish tone, the cinematography presents various clips that regular people go through, but this time it goes deeper than that. The scenes show some moods like anxious, angry, hopeless, upset and many more. Facial expression, gestures, and vibe play a  huge part on showing these feelings. Various natural landscapes as well as daily objects on several shots helped to create an atmosphere of suffocation that minorities feel. The music video for “Suara Minoritas” was creatively directed by Raysha Daud (Bikin Pilem Cinema). The song itself, is a mid to low-tempo number that showcases multi instrumental music combined with vocals from three singers. Violin takes the center spot on this song, by providing a bridge in the intro and interlude. Somehow, this particular instrument stands out compared to the rest.

Andi Lara Karunia Wandari (vocal), Dewi Puji Pratiwiningsih (vocal), M Al-Hafid (bass), Muhammad Amrullah (drum), Rusbindranata (violin), Saiful Bahri (guitar) and Syarief Hidayat (guitar and vocal) from Wajah Abstrak have released this single on a compilation album called “SAMDAYS Compilation” last year. It was recorded at Studio Recording 23 at their hometown on June 2017. The band explained that this song was inspired by the injustice that they often see in daily life. One moment that inspired them to write about it was the case of Novel Baswedan, the former Chief of Indonesia’s Corruption Eradication Commission. He tried to be silenced for his bravery to unfold a huge corruption case within Indonesian government, which resulted in him being violently attacked by an unknown man. In short, this song is about the voice of grass root people who could not go against those who dominate. Take a look at their music video below!