Jogja Noise Bombing Festival 2018Are You Ready? Jogja Noise Bombing Fest 2018 is Coming!

Noise heads (are we doing it right?) in Yogyakarta, be ready, because Jogja Noise Bombing Fest 2018 will be held this weekend. The collective for experimental noise music enthusiasts will host a two-day festival that will present several performers from Indonesia as well as abroad. Not only as their gathering platform, the event also acts as a medium for noise music lovers around Southeast Asia to express their passion for the noisy genre. They can share about the latest acts in noise, as well as enjoying noise gigs which are rare. The festival has been highlighted on various countries, with the most notable coverage coming from European, Australian or American spectators who are eager to participate in this event. Notable media like Noisey also covered the collective based in Yogyakarta a while ago. The event will go down on Saturday and Sunday, 20 – 21 January 2018 at Barcode Kitchen and Bar, Yogyakarta.

Yes if you noticce, the one day festival has now turned into a two-day festival to better facilitate the increasing number of performers. Last year, Jogja Noise Bombing Fest hosted 17 performers from various countries and now the number almost doubled. As many as 28 performers will bring experimental noise music on stage. They come from 11 countries, so we’re pretty much stoked to see what kind of chaos they will present. Those performers are cited below and for more detailed information regarding rundown and schedule, you can peek them at Jogja Noise Bombing’s Instagram account. Both days are free of admission!

Jogja Noise Bombing Festival 2018 Line-Up:
J3M5 (USA)
VX Bliss (USA)
Kiran Arora (USA)
Garage Olimpo (Italy)
Insultor (Germany)
NuR (Switzerland)
Tzii (Belgium)
Pararel Asteroid (Austria)
Mampos (Malaysia)
Musica Htet (Myanmar)
S.I.N (Singapore)
Schizophrenic Wonderland (Singapore)
Lush Death (Philippines)
Jeritan (Samarinda)
Theonugraha (Samarinda)
Sarana (Samarinda)
SoonCrazy (Denpasar)
Wahn (Solo)
Anggarayesta (Bandung)
Tesla Manaf (Bandung)
Malang Sub Noise (Malang)
Dea Karina
Mad Dharma
Giga Destroyer
Coffee Faith