Dipha Barus Decide SingleDipha Barus Goes Hard with Hip Hop Track “Decide” Featuring Ariel Nayaka, Matter Mos, and Ramengvrl

Mainstream hip hop has seen a change in its popular style, lately we’ve seen trap music becomes the darling of the genre which was popularized in the 90’s. Musicians like Migos, Lil Uzi Vert, Travis Scott and many more garnered millions of listeners by bringing back this sub-genre into the charts. Hip hop musicians in Indonesia pick up what’s hot on the market and Dipha Barus collaborated with them on a single called “Decide”. Emerging hip hop musicians Ariel Nayaka, Matter Mos, and Ramengvrl participated in this track by writing their own verses and lent their talents on the song. This single is a sleek combination between electronic and hip hop music as you could hear the constant trap beat as the base, complemented with bars after bars from the rappers and also combined with catchy hook and choir. This song tells about decisions that we got to make in life, we have to put a 100% faith to every decision as it could lead to living our life to the fullest.

For the choir part that you hear throughout the song, it was done by INSIDEOUT choir group that is conducted by Marthin Saba. This track is a glorious hip hop/trap number that might overshadow Dipha Barus’ role a little bit, as his signature electronic sound is nowhere to be found. Nonetheless, each rapper shines their brightest on this track, bringing their own flows and rhymes which resonate with the message they want to convey. The track was mixed by Jonathan Pardede at Hearfelt Studio and mastered by Sam. The single artwork was created by Bonita Rachel. “Decide” which was released on November 2017 through Pon Your Tone Records, has been available to be streamed digitally on Apple Music, JOOX or Spotify.