Dandelions Blues Boring MVDandelions Are Fed Up with Politicians on “Blues Boring” Music Video

Dandelions are known to be a blues band that are politically vocal. The band hailing from Surabaya aren’t afraid of voicing out what they think about our social, political, and economy issues while staying true to their blues and rock & roll musical roots. They decided to release another music video for the latest single called “Blues Boring”. The song is taken from their last year’s EP called “Mantra Sakti” and previously the band joined the labors’ march back in May to shoot their music video for “Kolonialis Bos!!”. What do the band got in store for this video? It is another politically charged work from the band as they express their tiredness and boredom of our politicians’ actions. The video was created by Dibba Nugroho and Arie Ruse, who made this work as a part of their college project. Starring an actress, the video showcases stereotypes that are often placed upon certain symbols or attributes.

The female lead is also portrayed to be tired and bored by the bullshit that our politicians have shoved down our throat on daily basis. Combining the mindset of our society and politicians, the voices of the minorities and the under-represented are silenced. The video is a chock full of symbolism, metaphors, and messages that are acted out by the actress with her interaction with others. Maybe you should pay closer attention to the video and if you don’t want to think about the heavy stuff, you could always enjoy the song. In the end of the video, a message of peace and love was shown. The visualization for “Blues Boring” has been uploaded on Dandelions’ official Youtube channel and you can watch it here. Their EP can also be streamed on digital streaming services like Spotify.