Frau Tembus Pandang EP
CD Package of Tembus Pandang
Frau Opens the Pre-Order for New EP “Tembus Pandang”

Frau, the Yogyakarta based pianist and songwriter was last seen with her endeavor called “Parasite Lottery”, an EP released in July 2016 for an art project based in Netherlands. Since then, the elusive singer performed on selective numbers of gigs without promising any new record in the future. Surprisingly, yesterday the musician whose real name is Leilani Hermiasih has announced her new EP called “Tembus Pandang”. The EP will be repressed in a CD format and she has opened the pre-order session for it in limited 200 copies (which as of now, has been sold out). The EP is filled with four songs in response to three artworks created by an artist named Restu Ratnaningtyas. They both first met during a routine gig called “LELAGU” which was held once a month at Kedai Kebun Forum. The gig has a unique concept in which Yogyakarta’s musicians are challenged to perform in acoustic format in collaboration with visual artists to present a one-of-a-kind show for the audience. On the fourteenth edition of the gig, Frau and Restu met and collaborated back then and it took more than two years until this record is compiled as an EP.

Frau Tembus Pandang EP

The four songs in this album have been performed during that time. Those numbers have not been officially released by Frau or included in any of her album since. The package for the CD including a merchandise in the form of a small pouch has been available for pre-order from 10 November until 20 November. There was an overwhelming response from her fans who have been waiting for her new record. It resulted in an immediate sold out situation which forced her to announce it on the social media. But fret not, you still have hope to obtain the package as she emphasizes that those who have placed the order should pay their due in one day time. If they fail to meet this condition, then the package will be sold to next person in line. To order you must send your name, address, and mobile phone number to this email address. We have tracked back her performance on “LELAGU” in 2015 and found some songs online including “The Butcher”, “Sembunyi” and an untitled song, enjoy it below.