Eko Supriyanto SALT DanceWatch Eko Supriyanto’s New Showcase of “SALT” at Salihara

Eko Supriyanto, the renown choreographer has traveled the world in an international tour to showcase his choreographies on “Cry Jailolo” (2014-2015) and “Balabala” (2016) along with youth from Jailolo, Northern Maluku this year. Now he has returned to show a new choreography he created called “SALT” at Salihara. “SALT” is the last part from “Trilogy of Jailolo” and became the result of his five years research. He made an observation about “Silent Tourism”, decentralization, youth and international performance art industry. This research was developed in Jailolo and Solo in the past five years. For the choreography itself, the movements in “SALT” takes some cues from the movements on “Jathilan” dance (traditional dance in Magelang) and “Cakalele” dance (war dance from Northern Maluku). “SALT” is happening with further encouragement from Eko’s own experience while diving in Jailolo’s sea. He was inspired to combine Javanese classic dance with maritime culture. After all, our country is mostly surrounded by ocean and “SALT” is the result of sea water’s crystallization.

Eko also dissected his own background as a classically trained Javanese dancer which is close with agriculture tradition. In “SALT”, he will go against his usual current by presenting his take on under the sea movements. Inside the water, human’s body goes against the gravity and the dance has a philosophy of a performance art that is beyond cultural hierarchy. This number has previously been shown on international stages like deSingel Internationale Kunstcampus at Antwerp (Belgium), Kaaitheatre, Brussel (Belgium) and Dance House, Melbourne (Australia). Eko and his dance company, EkosDance Company will show this number for the first time at Komunitas Salihara on Sunday, 12 November 2017. To reserve your seat in the first ever show, go directly to Salihara website here or contact 021-789-1202, 0817-077-1913. See the magical movements inspired by the archipelago on the new choreography by Eko Supriyanto.