Festival Mbois 2017 MalangFestival Mbois Returns in 2017 As A Platform for Malang’s Creative Ecosystem

Malang Creative Fusion (MCF) once again hold the annual event called Festival Mbois in 2017. After being held for the first time last year, this year’s event will last for four days starting from 2 – 5 November 2017 at Malang City Point. MCF aim to become the platform for Malang’s creative industry and provide the necessities of each of the field with collaborations from the stakeholders in this festival. “We believe that creative idea can only run continuously with the support from many parties which are the citizens, government, businessmen and those who work in creative industry themselves. Besides various workshops, there is also another activity for creative workers which is exhibition,” stated MCF through a press release we received. Bringing the theme “Kembalilah ke Sumbernya” or back to the roots, reimagines as water in glass bottles, MCF want to convey a message that each unique character can make a difference between creative workers even though they are facilitated in the same platform.

Festival Mbois 2017 MalangFestival Mbois also has a mission to educate, appreciate, and grow the belonging sense through the activities the organizer has prepared on its second edition. There will be exhibition, creative bazaar, seminar, creative talks, ideashare, ideashout, as well as awards. Exhibition and creative bazaar are dedicated to those who produce creative stuff and service. Ideashare is when communities are given spotlight to showcase themselves and Ideashout is meant to elaborate creative ideas. Festival Mbois 2 present inspirational presenters and speakers who will share their knowledge, expertise, and ideas with the visitors of the festival. Hopefully the platform could embrace all aspects of creative industry from the smallest scale to the big ones. The event is open for public and free of charge, you could enroll in the program as listed on the pictures. For more information, head to Festival Mbois Instagram here.