Uncanny, an alternative/noise rock trio comprised of Muhammad Suryokusumo (guitar, vocal), Athif Aiman (drum) and Indra Suhyar (bass) introduce their latest single called "Lone Survivor".
Credit: Karel Trinov
Uncanny Unleashed Second Single “Three Past Thirty”

Have you obtained Uncanny‘s double single release in collaboration with Scumbag Mutant on “Konformator”? If you have, then you must know another single from the release apart from “Lone Survivor”. Titled “Three Past Thirty”, the single was finally released digitally to complete the double single that the band aim to unveil. Muhammad Suryo (guitar, vocal), Athif Aiman (drum, vocal) and Indra Suhyar (bass) also shared the accompanying lyrics video for the single that you could watch on Youtube. As explained on the press release, this single present less modulation from the guitar, just like what they did on “Lone Survivor”. Suryo is once again taking the charge of vocal in this song. “The lyrics are about people’s thought in the break of dawn, sometimes it tends to be naughty and contains lots of ‘what if’. There are lots of imaginations of being someone else and sometimes it feels like having an imaginary friend,” explained Suryo.

Uncanny Three Past Thirty SingleUsing skramz style of vocal, “Three Past Thirty” is pure rage distilled in a song, it is loud, noisy (just expected from a noise rock group), and in-your-face. The overall feel is a little bit darker than “Lone Survivor”. The band have just finished their album showcase called “Konsermator” a while ago which also acted as a launching party for their collaboration project with Scumbag Mutant, a toy artist which created a figure named “Konformator” that is also a USB that contains two singles from Uncanny. Both songs have now been available to be streamed or purchased digitally via AppleMusic, Spotify, and Deezer with the help of Royal Yawns as their label. Both tracks were recorded at Escape Studio, Bandung with the help of Irza Nugraha as operator. Get psyched with Uncanny’s new single “Three Past Thirty” below.