Head Head Vivid Reality SingleNew Indie Pop Act on The Block, Head Head Debut with “Vivid Reality”

It’s okay if you scratch your head while reading the name of the band, Head Head. Yes, they are new and they have just debuted with a single called “Vivid Reality”. Under GZZ Records, the band recorded the song with the help from Sambadha (Coldiac) as the producer and Mahatamtama (Coldiac) to mix and master the track. As a newly born band under the record label who always emphasize visual and overall package, this act also underwent brainstorming, workshop and review before finalizing the product which is a single. Bepe (vocal & guitar), Meidi (guitar), Yoga (bass), and Emir (drum) first did some jamming in the studio and wrote a song before being pursued by the label to polish up their tune in order to generate mass liking. It is said that their music is influenced by several acts like Morrissey, The Strokes, and Triptides. Long story short, “Vivid Reality” was released last 26 October 2017 with its dreamy and light feel.

Head Head Vivid Reality SingleThe title of the song talks about a clear description of something that happens in real life, in contrary the song talks about the opposite. It is about a pair of lovers who make love in a parallel dimension that is the result of their fantasies. Of course, not in an explicit way, but a poetic one instead. The song was inspired after a classic painting by Van Gogh called “The Starry Night”. Its dreamy and lullaby like pattern and colors fit the dreamy concept that they try to recreate in their music.  “We hope to contribute more to Indonesia’s music scene after the single’s release. We are preparing the next steps to expand our career. Hopefully our debut single got positive feedback from the listeners,” said Head Head through a press release. The song is very light, if they said it is fit to listen as you close your eyes, don’t. “Vivid Reality” is a rather catchy and cheerful song that got your mood lighten up. A little tip from us, if you want to go with dreamy tunes, go all the way and become a great dream pop band instead of proclaiming yourself as a general indie pop band.