PechaKucha Night Jakarta Vol.31 Content MakingCreative Content Making on PechaKucha Night Jakarta Vol. 31

Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook almost all social media make it possible for creative individuals or group to create engaging materials that got them thousands of views, likes, and launch their engagement with their cult followings. Vlog or the abbreviation of video blog, has become one of the platform for content creator to share unique experience, reviews, or education to their viewers. Other than vlog, there is also other medium like comic, advertisement, book, blog and many more. Everyday, there is a new content that has gone viral and it becomes a source of income for some of these content creators. Creative content got us hooked to glue our eyes to their channel, and as a result we got abundant amount of content creators these days. This is why Maverick Indonesia as the holder of Pecha Kucha Indonesia in collaboration with EV Hive and Lawless Burgerbar held PechaKucha Night Jakarta Vol. 31: Like This. Taking place at EV Hive D. Lab which is a co-working space as well, this volume explored the notion of creative content and they invited popular creators to share their insights, experience, knowledge, and ideas using PechaKucha’s 20 x 20 format.

PechaKucha Night Jakarta Vol.31 Content Making
DImas Djay

There was Dimas Djayadiningrat, director of horror movie “Tusuk Jelangkung” and other movies like “Garuda Indonesia” and “Indoeskrim Nusantara”; Andi Martin, the founder of Kratoon, an Indonesian animation channel; Ghinna Fianny, Indonesia Manager of LINE Webtoon; Adimas Bayu (Masdimboy) a strip comic artist; Muhammad Taufiq (Emte), renown illustrator; Kalulla Harsynta, a musician and lifestyle content maker; and Andira Pramanta creative director and book designer. These seven speakers each shared their experience in their respective fields and noted that the speed of information nowadays are getting faster and faster. After the presentation was finished, it was followed with discussion with all the attendees, which was later continued with 1 on 1 talk with the speaker for the attendee who wasn’t satisfied enough with their explanation.