Cholil Mahmud Lazuardi Music VideoWatch Cholil Mahmud’s Epic Music Video for “Lazuardi”, The Original Soundtrack of Marlina The Murderer in Four Acts

Marlina The Murderer in Four Acts has set its release date in Indonesia on November 16th, and the team behind the film is gearing up towards promoting it. Today, the soundtrack of Marlina The Murderer in Four Acts by Cholil Mahmud has been released in the form of music video and digital format. Titled “Lazuardi”, the song was composed by Zeke Khaseli and Yudhi Arfani, while Cholil was in charge in writing the lyrics and singing. The song started off as a music scoring on the film which was also done by Zeke and Yudhi. To match the genre of the film which is cowboy-like, the theme song also suits the whole vibe that the director wants to convey. Marlina is said to be the pioneer of a film with new genre which is called Satay Western. The term was coined by Variety as the film was set on a barren land of Sumba which pretty much looks like the dessert in Midwestern US. The composers tried to make a Western themed soundtrack which at the same time is Anti-Western. They inserted a vibe which presents Marlina as the female figure in the arrangement. We can hear piano, accordion, and 3/4 waltz in the song which are meant to tone down the usually grand Western songs.

On an interview with Detik, Cholil  said that he was inspired to name the song “Lazuardi” after watching the trailer of the film. Taking place in Sumba, the audience are treated with a splendid view of the land with a blue sky hanging above it. The music video for the soundtrack is an epic piece that integrated several scenes from the movie. The images and colors are very vivid and contrast, it reinterpret the movie within a short amount of time beautifully. Other musicians also participate in the making of the soundtrack. Giovanni Rahmadeva from Polka Wars filled in the drum position, Riko Prayitno from Mocca played the guitar, while Ricika Iwukaska played the trumpet. It seems like we’re taking forever at talking about this majestic piece of music. Let’s just bash in all of its glory below.