Much Release Circle Music VideoEXCLUSIVE: Much Show Hard Work on “Circle” Music Video

After the exclusive premiere from Beeswax, The Display are honored to premiere the latest music video from indie rock unit from Malang, Much. The band are releasing their newest single called “Circle” with its music video after revealing “Uneven” earlier this year. The video of “Circle” takes sports as the main theme and we can see all the members of the band take different roles in the video. Directed by Dandy Gilang who is also the guitarist/vocalist of the band, the shooting was produced by Levicor Production. Anggi (vocal), Risang (guitar), Vino (bass), Pandu (drum) and Dandy (guitar/vocal) had fun while shooting the video that took place in a football stadium in Malang. Anggi took the role of a coach, while Pandu, Dandy, and Risang played the role of the athletes. While Vino once again became fishy and suspicious with his act as a talent scout CEO. The plot goes on like this, these athletes have to practice hard in order to get what they want. They also practice hard as a band and supervised by the coach who is always by their side.

Much Release Circle Music VideoThe meaning behind the song “Circle” is about life that revolves around a circle. Sometimes we can get out from it, and sometimes we can not. No matter how toxic that circle is, we can not force someone to easily opt out from the circle. It requires process and a lot of thinking. In the end, people get used to do things out of routine, whether it’s bad or good. The philosophy is reflected on the video when the circle is portrayed as practice. The coach actually does not force them too much, however the athletes taught themselves to do their regiment until a satisfying result is achieved. Much are dropping their new album in November and hopefully there would be no delay since it has been long overdue. Watch the latest video by Much below and get ready to practice!