No Man's Land Split Album Contingent AnonymeNo Man’s Land Reveal Split Album with French Band, Contingent Anonyme

Veteran punk rockers, No Man’s Land would not stop pampering their fans with new releases. After releasing album “True to Myself” a while ago, they have announced a split album with French punk outfit, Contingent Anonyme. This joint project came true since they met through the same record label Aggrobeat from Netherland and Rusty Knife from France. They plan to release the project in a vinyl format rather than CD or cassette tapes, which will be distributed worldwide afterwards. Both bands will contribute to the album with two new songs. No Man’s Land will introduce their latest creations called “Proxy War” and “Abandoned House”, while Contingent Anonyme will release tracks “Réalité” and “SPKR”. The combination of these two bands from different countries is no surprise since their music are similar in many ways. Punk rock with strong character of Oi! and street punk become their signature sound and both of them also talk about social politics issues with their music. They use the reality and fact in their own countries as the inspiration for their lyrics and music.

No Man's Land Split Album Contingent Anonyme
Contingent Anonyme

The thing that is notable from their split release is the album artwork. These bands managed to put their own characteristic and identity of their countries using the national symbols. No Man’s Land use Garuda which is the national symbol of Indonesia while Contingent Anonyme use Cock which represents French national symbol. The vinyl of this release will be repressed on 7 inch format with two versions: regular black edition and exclusive gold edition in limited copies. The record has been able to be pre-ordered through Rusty Knife or Aggrobeat, the Indonesian release will be distributed through No Man’s Land’s social media. Furthermore, Didit the vocalist of NML spilled about the next project from the band which was founded in 1994. “We want to release an album filled with singles collection for No Man’s Lan’s old tracks which is scattered around and never been released. We are currently picking some Oi! and classic punk songs. We plan to make an album filled with cover songs from our influences and those who have inspired us so far,” said Didit. It seems like we’re going to see them a lot more in the future! Peek their split release with Contingent Anonyme below.No Man's Land Split Album