I'm Sorry, I'm Lost You Can Run, But You Can't Hide SingleI’m Sorry, I’m Lost Return with “You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide”

It took more than a year for new post rock unit from Malang, I’m Sorry, I’m Lost to come up with new record. Finally, the band revealed their new single “You Can’t Run, But You Can’t Hide” on their Youtube account last Sunday, 24 September 2017. They went on a hiatus without releasing any material for nine months after they debut single “I Hate You and Your Drama”. Now they are being resurrected once again to announce their upcoming mini album along with the single. I’m Sorry, I’m Lost (ISIL) explained through a press release, that the song tells about two opposite things which can not be separated, like hello and goodbye. The song, in a truly post-rock style, does not possess any lyrics, and it is filled with melodies that are soothing and enticing at the same time. The tracks lasts for 10 minutes and 20 seconds, so we highly suggest to play it while you do your yoga routine, en route to somewhere far away, contemplating or when you need to find the best tune to relax. The combination of dreamy effect, powerful drum, and timbre put the dynamics in this long track which is inspired by Explosions In The Sky, Mono and Caspian. As it’s lyrics-less, ISIL give the freedom to interpret the song up to the listeners.

I'm Sorry, I'm Lost You Can Run , But You Can't Hide Single
You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide Single artwork

“We realize without the presence of lyrics, listeners will interpret the hello and goodbye differently and we let them to put their own understanding in it. As well as the members of ISIL who tried to unify their different perspectives about hello and goodbye through the melodies in this single,” explained Ananda, the guitarist of ISIL. This song also becomes a goodbye track for one of ISIL’s founding member, Rizky or friendly addressed as Jabrik. Jabrik decided to depart from the band, right after he finished recording this single at Haven Drive Studio. Boim came as a replacement for Rizky, so for now, at least ISIL could still perform live. The artwork for this single was done by Bintang Priyadmadi who got inspired by the life cycle of leaf. “Once I heard about the meaning of the song, I remembered leaf. Hello and goodbye is a concept we could learn from leaf, since it grows beautifully during rainy season, and yet it wilted during dry sesason,” said Bintang. Ananda Khrisna (guitar), Leo (drum), Rizza (bass), and Boim (guitar) will release this single and other four tracks in an EP called “50:50” soon. The physical records will be released under an independent record label from Malang. Do enjoy your solitude with I’m Sorry, I’m Lost “You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide” below.