Under The Big Bright Yellow Sun (UTTBYS) Perform At OzAsia Festival AustraliaUnder The Big Bright Yellow Sun (UTTBYS) To Perform at OzAsia Festival Australia

2017 marks ten years that Bandung’s post-rock unit, Under The Big Bright Yellow Sun (UTBBYS), do their hustle as a band. Komeng (guitar), Ezza (guitar), Ranyay (guitar), Didi (bass) and Harry Koi (drum) will commemorate the milestone with a performance at OzAsia Festival which happens on 23 September 2017 at Nexus Art Center, Adelaide, Australia. The invitation to perform at the festival becomes a special gift for the band as they celebrate their journey together. “We will prepare our finest works to be shown there. Albeit having difficulties on arranging our schedule lately due to our personal businesses, we realize that a maximum preparation is a must,” said Didi, the bassist of UTBBYS. OzAsia Festival itself is an annual art festival which displays various sub-culture of art like music, dance, theater, film, and other contemporary art form. As suggested by its name, the festival aims to spotlights artists from Japan, South Korea, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and their influence to Australia’s culture.

Under The Big Bright Yellow Sun (UTTBYS) Perform At OzAsia Festival AustraliaNot only UTBBYS, there will also be performance from fellow Bandung’s musician named TRAH. These musicians will represent Indonesia in front of other delegates from the aforementioned countries. UTBBYS’ coming to Australia will be their second performance abroad after visiting Singapore in 2014 for Mozaic Festival. The post rock instrumental band have two studio albums to date which are “Painting of Life” which was their debut album with early formation and “Quintessential Turmoil” which was released in 2014. In earlier 2017, the band’s song were also included in “Hemispheres: Volume 1″ album compilation and become the only Asian representative on the tracklist. Recently they also graced the stage of Soundrenaline 2017 #UnitedWeLoud on A Stage along with other amazing acts. We wish nothing but the best for Under The Big Bright Yellow Sun to ace their performance on the music festival. Good luck!