Hot New Camp Eve's Song Music VideoPunkers Can Be Sad Too, Watch “Eve’s Song” Music Video by Hot New Camp

Pop punk group hailing from Malang, Hot New Camp have existed since 2007 and after ten years of career they finally released their debut album called “Doin’ Popunk Part II” back in March. On 11 September 2017, the band fronted by Raymond (guitar & vocal) and Fany aka Dupek (drum) revealed their new music video for single “Eve’s Song”. The band took their time for creating this video by making it into a short film that lasts for 7 minutes and 24 seconds. The viewers would see plotlines and camera angle which are different from the old videos of Hot New Camp. It is said that they use the formula of an old soap opera for this video and in the end, you could still see them perform as a band. One take shoot is the technique they use for this “Eve’s Song” video, a technique which requires no mistake in one shooting. Once a mistake was made, they had to redo it from the beginning. It became the a challenge for the band, but the result gave them satisfaction like no other.

The scene started out with a woman who rides on a swing by herself, before she decides to call her friends. The first four minutes of the video is filled with dialogues from the three characters, the woman and two male friends who are the members of Hot New Camp. She talks about her relationship and asks for advice from these two. Little do we know that it actually contains hints about the big picture of the story. Spoiler alert here, she actually reminisces about his dead boyfriend. What a twist we got here and albeit the cheerful tune of the song, it is sad. Previously, the band have released two music videos from this album called “Dan Lagi” and “Don’t Worry Tonight”, as well as a couple of live sessions. Watch “Eve’s Song” music video by Hot New Camp below.