RRREC Fest In The Valley 2017 Line UpRetreat Yourself with RRREC Fest In The Valley 2017: Music, Film, Discussion, and Many More!

Feeling too much pressure at work? Then it might be time to take a little break and this month an annual event presented by RURU Corps and Rakata Adventure called “RRREC Fest In The Valley” returns. Happening in three days from 22 to 24 September at Tanakita Camping Ground, the event offers you with music performances, natural landscape, and intimate vibe that is enhanced with lots of exciting programs in art and education. Founded in 2014, the festival has been a staple event that has a purpose to open an interaction between individuals with nature as its background. For three days and two nights, visitors are encouraged to enjoy the natural atmosphere of the venue which is located at Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park. Curated by The Secret Agents and Pasangan Baru, RRREC Fest In The Valley 2017 features several programs like music performances, film screening, theater, artists residency, workshop, discussion and kids program. The programs are designed to form a multi disciplinary meeting point between various generation and create a platform to share experience and skills between the speakers, visitors, artists, musician, nature lover, and local residents.

RRREC Fest In The Valley 2017 Line UpBy camping together, it creates an intimate bond between fellow campers and nature itself in a fun and enjoyable mood. This year’s program also supports nature’s conservation initiation that was founded by Rakata Adventure called ‘Rainforest Recording’. The initiative is meant to conserve nature surrounding Situ Gunung at Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park. It is a continuous work in recording and responding nature as a way to converse with it and keep learning about the potential that belongs to the rainforest and its surrounding area. The project aims to create medium and art work in the form of archive data which can be used by anyone. It is supported by Artists Residency which invite practitioners from various studies, like artists, scientist, nature conservationist, and author to work together with local residents, students, and art communities. In its entertainment program, RRREC Fest In The Valley 2017 invites bands and musicians from various genre and they are Filastine & Nova (Barcelona), Frau (Yogyakarta), Goodnight Electric (Jakarta), Imam Rozali (Lampung), The Venopian Solitude (Selangor), Mondo Gascaro (Jakarta), Onar (Jakarta), Medium Rare (Jakarta), Oscar Lolang (Bandung), Diskoria (Jakarta), OomLeoBerkaraoke (Jakarta), Teater PM Toh (Banda Aceh/Jakarta) and many more.

RRREC Fest In The Valley 2017 Line UpIt is never too late to secure your spot in this exciting close-to-nature event. For more information and ticket, head to valley2017.rrrecfest.com or peek their Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. You could also contact their hotline at 0878-7560-6312 (WA & call only) for fast response. Put down those gadgets because it is time to enjoy the nature!