SATCF Launching Party Retorika Album
Photo by: GarisPutih
SATCF Prepare A Launching Party for Sophomore Album “Retorika”

It has been a long time that we have not heard about this veteran pop punk act from Malang, Snickers and the Chicken Fighter or SATCF for short. For all we know, they have become our anthem back in our high school/junior high school days. Recently the band released their sophomore album called “Retorika” back in April independently. This album took so long in the making, as a comparison, their debut album was released six years ago! Albeit having to wait for a long time, it feels like the listeners are satisfied with the new sound from SATCF. Containing 13 tracks, the album is filled with SATCF’s take on punk rock through a wider and deeper understanding. Adit (vocal, bass), Acoy (guitar), Jeffri (guitar), Jaka (drum) and Oneding (keyboard) recorded this album in a studio in Jakarta. The mixing and mastering part were done in Malang by Ayok, a member of Screaming Factor who also worked on the band’s first album.

SATCF Launching Party Retorika Album
Retorika artwork

“Retorika” offer you a various sub-genre from punk, starting from the traditional melodic core punk, pop punk, California ska dub with variation of beats. Just take a listen of their lead single “Retorika” which opens with melodic pop punk drums and powerful vocal. Adit really has a distinctive style of vocalization and pronounciation, you can not help but notice his style of singing in this album. It also contains an acoustic version of a track called “Pulang” that is placed as the closing track of “Retorika” album. The artwork for it was done by Napiceko who presented 90’s aesthetic design for the album’s sleeve. It is also reported that the band are currently preparing a launching party for the album. Meanwhile, listen to the new album from SATCF on digital outlets or buy the physical CD on your nearest record store.

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