Petra Sihombing Nirmala ReviewPetra Sihombing Uncovers His True Self with “Nirmala”

Petra Sihombing is one of the most promising solo pop act in Indonesia after he debuted in 2009. Following the release of “Verdict/Victim” mini album in 2015, the singer did not put out any new releases until on 10 April 2017, he came out with new single titled “Nirmala”. The song is the first single from his upcoming third album and he already held a showcase for it a while ago. Being a public figure is a hard task, and Petra Sihombing knows first hand about it since all of his personal life and flaws are constantly shown to the mass. “Nirmala” is said to be the most personal song he has ever written and as cited from his statement on Kompas, the word means flawless or having no imperfection. Petra who is known to utilize guitar as his main instrument, exchanges it with synthesizers and other electronic sounds in this song. In one listen, you would have no idea that it is his song except if you are familiar enough with his voice. Lyrics wise, “Nirmala” showcases the comfort he has for having this figure who sees all his mistakes and still loves him as he is. He brushes off other people’s comments about his life and let it pass. This song is full of dynamic with the addition of fast paced beats in the background. Not as pop as Petra used to be, but it is the true form of Petra Sihombing that has no time to please everybody.

Through a press release, the singer/songwriter admits that he wrote this song during one of the lowest point of his life when all of the trouble seemed to be placed upon his shoulders. He also states that the songs that he has released previously have too many filters due to the fear that the listeners won’t accept him as he is. This time around, for his third album that is planned to contain 11 tracks, he will bare it all to the world to see. We like the direction that he is going for, and fully support the decision when musicians start to put commercial success aside and go back to put out their raw and most honest side. As “Nirmala” still finds its way to grow on us, Petra Sihombing worked with Tulus to write the lyrics and he is also assisted by his brother, Ben Sihombing and Jonathan Mono (of Neurotic) as the producer. The new or we’d rather call it the true Petra still has a long way to capture his old listeners, but for certain, the music will appeal to new ones.