Shalimar Arabian Night Ramadhan Package
Kebab, Samosa, Chicken Curry and Canai
Have an ‘Arabian Night’ Themed Iftar at The Shalimar Boutique Hotel

Once in a while we need a fancy break fasting/iftar with extraordinary choices of cuisine, and The Shalimar Boutique Hotel is ready to fulfill your wish with its Ramadhan package called “Arabian Night”. The theme is chosen to give a different ambience, by featuring lofty laid-back atmosphere a la Middle East. Nita, the Sales & Marketing Manager of The Shalimar, hoped that the 5-star hotel would be able to offer extraordinary dinner experience for the guests. “Arabian Night” package is priced at IDR 150.000,-nett/pax with minimum purchase of 30 pax. Designed with an ‘all you can eat’ buffet concept, the package consists of more than 40 choices of dish, from ta’jil to appetizer, main course, and dessert.

Shalimar Arabian Night Ramadhan Package
Arabian Night live cooking

The exceptional feature is live cooking a la Arabian by the Chef of the hotel, who serves Nasi Kebuli (steamed rice cooked in goat broth, milk, and ghee), Chicken Curry, Samosa (fried dish with onion and yoghurt filling), Martabak (fried dish with onion filling), Kebab (with onion and beef filling), and Canai cake. The Arabian live cooking is also accompanied by various Indonesian food stations that include Soto Ayam (chicken with yellow soup), Pecel (various vaggies with peanut sauce), Lontong Balap (rice cake accompanied by vegetable and beef), Gado-Gado (various vaggies with peanut sauce), and Tahu Tek (fried tofu and egg with shrimp paste sauce).

Shalimar Arabian Night Ramadhan Package
Nasi Kebuli

We got the chance to try the Arabian dishes and it was a truly satisfying experience. The Nasi Kebuli has very strong taste, sweet and savory at the same time, with big chops of lamb that give just enough touch of protein for the dish. The canai cake was eaten with chicken curry and it was real good! The plain flavor of canai cake fits perfectly with the taste of chicken curry which is full of herbs. The Samosa was a good compliment as snack, salty with refreshing taste of yoghurt. The kebab was not really special than other kebab from other restaurants, but it comes in hearty portion. Unfortunately, the martabak was too thin, and felt like there was no filling inside.

Shalimar Arabian Night Ramadhan Package
Lontong Balap station

It seems exciting to break your fasting with more than 30 friends with the Arabian Night package, since there are really a lot of choice of food and beverage. Unfortunately the Arabian live cooking feature doesn’t really stand out; all the chef does is only frying Samosa or kebab. The interior was said to be designed in Arabian theme with domination of purple color, but we don’t really feel the Middle Eastern atmosphere. However, we think the price of IDR 150.000/person was good value, considering the many choices of the food and beverage, and the good ambience of the restaurant. The Shalimar Boutique Hotel also provides special package for those who want to have break fasting with less than 30 people, which is “Keroyokan Package”. Priced at IDR  400.000/package, this package was aimed for 5 people or more, with Indonesian menu for the dishes. The package will be served with nowadays’ most trending culinary style—bancakan, to strengthen togetherness in your break fasting moment. All packages are ready to be served from May 26th to the end of July, 2017.

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Price Range : from IDR80,000 – 150,000/person

Reservation : (0341) 324989 / 085749619089


Location : The Shalimar Boutique Hotel Jl. Cerme 16, Malang

Writer: Jatrifia Ramadhani/Editor: Novita Widia