Wonder Woman Poster - Diana Prince (Gal Gadot)(NO SPOILER) Wonder Woman, The Film That Saves DC Extended Universe from Being A Total Joke

You hate spoiler? Don’t worry because in our review we will give a spoiler free piece of article, that might encourage you to watch “Wonder Woman” yourself. Starting the plot from Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) who receives a photo that is sent by Bruce Wayne, the film chronicles the story on how she becomes a heroine. Known as Princess Diana of Themyscira, Diana grew up with tough female fighters surrounding her in the island of Themyscira. Later on, she met with Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), whose plane crashed and fell on the island. The encounter with Steve Trevor who was a British spy in Germany, made Diana wanted to end a never ending war between humans. The plot of this film is well executed, and presenting a superhero who is totally new to the notion of war. It also showcases another side of superhero who concerns about the victims of war, which makes the film feels more like an epic war movie with a little touch of feminism embodied by Wonder Woman herself.

Wonder Woman photoPatty Jenkins, who is a long time DC fan expresses her opinion about directing this film, “I watched the TV show, and she was everything a girl could aspire to be: strong and kind, exciting and stylish, powerful and effective, and just as fierce as the boys.  She’s a badass, and at the same time she stands for love, forgiveness and benevolence in a complicated world.  I feel so honored to be making a movie about a Super Hero who stands for such important values.” Jenkins, who is the only female filmmaker behind DC movies managed to give a lasting impression on building a strong female character who is reliable and also relatable at the same time. The story is written by Heinberg, Zack Snyder and Jason Fuchs, and it’s based on the screenplay created by Allan Heinberg.

Wonder Woman - Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) & Steve Trevor (Chris Pine)The success of this movie also heavily lays on the impressive acting from Gal Gadot who tackles the role of Diana Prince amazingly. Chris Pine also gives one of his best portrayal on the big screen just like his previous successful roles in movies like “High or Hell Water” and “Star Trek”. It is completely understandable that the expectation towards “Wonder Woman” was set so low in the beginning, since other DC Extended Universe releases (excluding Batman Dark Knight series) did not fulfill the fans and critics’ expectations. Seeing Snyder once again involves in this project somehow induced a little bit fear and pessimism in our minds, but the final product exceeds it. “Wonder Woman” resurrects our faith in DC and it gives a high expectation towards forthcoming releases of Justice League’s heroes movies. This film is inspiring, attention grabbing, and a must watch for fans alike or those who wants to witness a good superhero movie. Beside saving the world, “Wonder Woman” can save DCEU from the slum (now, Marvel Cinematic Universe has met its equal contender). Watch this film on theaters near you!Wonder Woman - Diana Prince (Gal Gadot)