Ramadhan Jazz Festival 2017 Ready to Be HeldRamadhan Jazz Festival 2017 Presented by RICMA and WartaJazz is Ready To Be Held

The jazz music festival in Jakarta happening in the middle of Ramadhan called Ramadhan Jazz Festival will happen again in 2017. The event that is held by Remaja Islam Masjid Cut Meutia (RICMA) with WartaJazz – an ecosystem for Jazz in Indonesia- will happen on 9 to 10 June 2017 at Plaza Masjid Cut Meutia, Menteng, Central Jakarta. The annual event will occur after Ashar prayer during those days (approximately after 3PM in the afternoon). M. Derisman Nugraha as the Project Officer of The 7th Ramadhan Jazz Festival 2017 explained to Antara News, that there will be a series of previous event leading to the main event called “Youth Creative Exhibition” that will be held at Taman Menteng Jakarta on June 3rd. On the predecessor event, there will be band audition, Saman Dance audition, and art exhibition that will be presented later on the main event. There will also be a social activity with ‘1000 Guru’ community which focuses on educational matter. “We as the youth of the mosque who concern about education and social issue, feel the need to create a platform to support the means and tools in order to create an excellent education,” uttered Darmawan.

The committee of The 7th Ramadhan Jazz Festival also open charity from the visitors from the purchase of the entrance tickets. The money will be donated to those who are in need with the forms of educational supporting tools like stationery, uniform, and other school equipment for Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Hidayatysshibyan in Tangerang, West Java. Last year’s 6th Ramadhan Jazz Festival focused its charity on blood donation and they managed to collect 68 blood bags from the participants that were distributed to Indonesian Red Cross Society. Infaq or donation in the form of money also reached IDR 32 millions that came from the purchase of entrance tickets. Besides social activity and music festival, this event also does not forget the element of da’wah (preaching) in it using social media as the platform. They also include an inter-religious dialog that will happen during the main event.

Ramadhan Jazz Festival 2017 Ready to Be Held
Maliq & D’essentials on The 6th Ramadhan Jazz Festival
Credit: Celahkota

Meanwhile Agus Setiawan Basuni, as the Artistic Director and the initiator of RJF unveiled that the event is an initiative from WartaJazz for Indonesian youth. The 7th installment of RJF this year will target more participants and visitors compared to last year. It will be attended by prominent figures as the performers, political figures, society, and also ambassadors from friendly countries. Last year’s performers including Idang Rasidi Quintet, Fariz RM Freedom Trio, Maliq & D’essentials, Barry Likumahuwa, Ecoutez, Soulvibe, Dira Sugandi and Sri Hanuraga Trio, Rizki Febian and many more.