Rumah Opa Ramadhan Menu ReviewRumah Opa Offer Several Tasty New Menu During Ramadhan

If you recognize this place as a lounge, then you should also know that Rumah Opa‘s kitchen serves some amazing food. So while the booze is gone during the whole month of Ramadhan, they offer several new menu that could delight your palate for iftar. We had the chance to try out their new recipe which spans 10 food items in total. Most of the food has Indonesian and Chinese influence to satisfy the local customers’ taste. There are Udang Saus Tiram (prawn with oyster sauce), Udang Lada Hitam (blackpepper prawn), Udang Asam Manis (sweet and sour prawn), Jamur Telur Asin (salted-egg yolk mushroom), Jamur Cabe Garam (chili and salt mushroom), Nasi Goreng Babat (beef tripe fried rice), Nasi Goreng Ikan Asin (salted fish fried rice), Iga Bakar (grilled ribs), Buncis Telur Asin (salted-egg yolk green beans), and Kepiting Soka Telur Asin (salted-egg yolk soft shell crab). There is also their staple menu which appears on their regular menu which is Sapi Lada Hitam (blackpepper beef). First up, we tried their Nasi Goreng Babat (beef tripe fried rice) which is served with generous slices of beef tripe and runny sunny side up egg on top and melinjo crackers on the side. It tasted okay, not too oily and the whites from the sunny side up egg was fried to a crisp just like what we love.

Rumah Opa Ramadhan Menu Review
Udang Asam Manis

Their Nasi Goreng Ikan Asin comes with fried fish on top and prawn crackers on the side. We really like their Sapi Lada Hitam, since the beef is so tender and it blends with the blackpepper sauce. The kick from the bell peppers also adds more spiciness to the dish, it is best to be eaten with a plate of warm rice. The Udang Asam Manis is also another highlight from the new menu, since the prawn is pretty big and the sweet and sour sauce matches our palate. The sweetness comes from the pineapple that is added to the dish. The most delicious one from the list is no other than its Iga Bakar (grilled ribs). The beef meat is so tender and falls off from the bone. The sauce is the combination of a little sweetness, saltiness, and it is also peppery. The dish comes with a side of sambal, melinjo crackers and fresh vegetables. It is just so good, it makes us drool just imagining it.

Rumah Opa Ramadhan Menu Review
Iga Bakar

Rumah Opa Kitchen & Lounge also offer several packages for iftar which come in three different prices. The cheapest one is a package for 5 persons with the selection of rice, hot or ice tea, Kailan (stir fried veggies), and Jamur Telur Asin or Jamur Cabe Garam which is sold for IDR108,000. The package for 8 persons contain rice, hot or ice tea, Ayam Bakar (roasted chicken), Kailan Bawang Putih (stir fried veggies with garlic), and Buncis Telur Asin for IDR220,000. The last package for 5 persons consists of rice, hot or ice tea, Udang Asam Manis, Kailan Sapi (stir fried veggies with beef), and Jamur Cabe Garam which is sold at IDR315,000. Overall the whole new dishes are tasty, and Rumah Opa could be an option for your dining place during Ramadhan.

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Price Range : IDR108,000  – 315,000 (Iftar Package)

Service : Wi-Fi/Indoor-Outdoor Area/All Smoking Area

Reservation : 0341 – 365165 / +6281317193381


Location : Jl. Welirang No. 41 A Malang

Reviewer: Hanif Ardhika/Photographer: Bagas Yudhiswa