Olly Oxen Bad Mantra EPOlly Oxen Spotlight Media Framing with “Bad Mantra” EP

TV, radio, newspaper, and the internet are controlling every aspect of human’s life and that sums up what Olly Oxen want to convey on their latest EP called “Bad Mantra”. The rock group that are comprised of Gemby (guitar), Mere (vocal), Novelino (bass), and Gawang (Drum) reveal the new album after previously releasing a single called “Adult’s Dream is A Violation” on a limited edition during Record Store Day 2017. The new EP has been launched on a CD format on 12 May via Peculiar Records. The launching of the album was also accompanied by a music video for a song of the same name “Bad Mantra”. Just like what we mentioned on the first sentence, this album talks about media control over human’s life and how media framing shapes our thoughts and perception. The album that contains 4 tracks give different perspective regarding this matter.

Olly Oxen Bad Mantra EP
“Bad Mantra” EP artwork

You could see the perspective of a victim on the song “Adult’s Dream is A Violation”, the standing point from an antagonist on “Bad Mantra”, the optimist’s view on “Self Preaching” and the helplessness point of view with “Mr. Dunnowattudu”. Each song also offers various kind of rock arrangement, and you could also find a little hiphop influence on “Mr. Dunnowattudu”. The strong vocal from Mere that is accompanied by bold guitar riffs, make the tunes of Olly Oxen burn up your spirit in an instant. “This EP is all about reminding ourselves to never stop thinking and doubting the system around us, and resisting to live on someone else’s dream,” explains Mere about the album. “Bad Mantra” EP is also available to be streamed on digital streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify and Deezer. Take a look of the music video from Olly Oxen for the single “Bad Mantra” which focuses on a girl below.

“Bad Mantra” EP Track List :

1. Bad Mantra

2. Adult’s Dream Is a Violation

3. Self Preaching (When Nobody Else Thinking the Way Up)

4. Mr.Dunnowattudu

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