Basboi Cozy SingleBasboi Chills Out with A New Hip Hop Tunes Titled “Cozy”

It’s rare to get an Indonesian hip hop tune turned up in our inbox so we count this as a blessing from the heaven. It is the latest creation from a guy named Basboi or also known as Baskara Rizqullah called “Cozy”. Making its premiére two weeks ago, we let this song grows on us for a while before uploading it onto our website. Previously Basboi have revealed several singles called “Night Drive”, “These Kids” and “Out of Words”. In this new song “Cozy”, he worked with his first producer named Panji Wisnu (they worked together on Basboi’s debut “Night Drive”) after collaborating with other names on other tracks. “Cozy” tells about Basboi’s perspective on life he is having and how thankful he is for everything. From the lyrics, we can tell that the boy is enjoying every last comfort the life has offered and he also does not forget to mention his origin from Medan, Northern Sumatra. A line that says “let me elaborate the point that you will hate, you work so hard but still i got the best steak on my plate” light up a smile on our face for its clever play.

The track is opened with a jazz/swing arrangement that later turns into a modern hip hop beats with a little electronic touch. We could categorize this track as a chill hop song that you will enjoy if you are a fan of Jordan Rakei, Nujabes, or Korean/Japanese chill hip hop scene. The song will be included in Basboi’s upcoming EP that is planned to be released within this year. Panji Wisnu will be the sole producer for this mini album and it further proves the chemistry between these two could result in excellent music. “Cozy” has been available to be streamed digitally on Apple Music, Spotify, Soundcloud, and can be bought on iTunes. Listen to “Cozy” below and sit back while you are at it!

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