Confuse Records Release 3 Albums on Record Store Day 2017Confuse Records Reveal 3 Albums Simultaneously on RSD 2017!

Not one, not two, but three albums will be released under Confuse Records during Record Store Day 2017 celebration. The veteran independent record label from Malang, will reveal the albums from Bangkai, Hellsoil and Strider respectively. The owner of Confuse Records, Ook has a reason behind these simultaneous releases, “To coincide with the great momentum of Record Store Day. It would be a waste if the recording materials from these bands have to be postponed again…” Bangkai, the grindcore unit from Malang will reissue their 2001 record called “Re-Emotional Conform” this time. The band which were formed in 1994 comprised of Erwan Stench (guitar), Inul (guitar), Eko (drum), and Andry (vocal) bring the tunes which bear similarity with the likes of Napalm Death, Brutal Truth, Repulsion, Dead Kennedy’s and Discharge up until now.

Confuse Records Release 3 Albums on Record Store Day 2017
Strider “Defishit Moral” Cassette Tape

The second album coming from Hellsoil, also a grindcore band from the city of apple. Different than Bangkai, Hellsoil will reveal their newest materials that have been recorded in an album called “In Grind We Bong”. They cited Terrorizer or Brutal Truth as the bands that they look up to in terms of music. The last album is from Strider who is a stoner rock collective who originated from Pandaan, Pasuruan. The band that idolize Black Sabbath wll reveal their six new tracks in an album called “Defishit Moral”. Anjar (guitar), Ebing (guitar), Afir (vocal), Nico (bass), and Putra (drum) have powerful songs filled with positive messages and the owner of Confuse Records even goes on saying that the band build spirit with their music. There will be two more additional songs which are a cover of The Beatles’ classic song “Come Together” and another song by Black Sabbath called “Electric Funeral”. All of the albums will be relased on Malang Record Store Day 2017 that will fall on 22 April 2017 at MX Mall. Bring some cash with you to hunt these precious records!