JRSLM Sang Utopis Single
Heavy Metal Unit, JRSLM Go Berserk on New Single “Sang Utopis”

JRSLM or the short of Jerusalem return with a banging new single called “Sang Utopis”. They proclaim themselves as a Trio Heavy Riffer from Bandung that are comprised of Reyhan (guitar & vocal), Givari (bass), and Ivan (drum). With such title beset upon them, a lot of crazy guitar riffs are to be expected on their song. On 17 April 2017, the revealed “Sang Utopis” on digital format. The music in this song contain complicated melodies, wild riffs and bass with a high spirited drums. It’s heavy metal to the core and before long you will find yourself banging your head to this song. Music aside, the lyrics was written in Indonesian and formed with words full of sarcasm and satire. Those jabs are directed towards their surrounding who they see as fake and hypocrites. It only took two hours to compose the lyrics for this song. Later it was recorded at Red Studio with Adistia Pratayangsha who was in charge of mixing and mastering and Hadiyan Fazari A. as the sound engineer.

JRSLM Sang Utopis SingleThis heavy metal number will be repressed exclusively on a cassette tapes by Orange Cliff Records and later on, a limited number of the release will be distributed during Record Store Day 2017 celebration in Bandung. The artwork for “Sang Utopis” by JRSLM’s vocalist and guitarist himself, Rayhan MP. JRSLM stated that the addition of raw old-school heavy metal is their latest experiment on their music and it will become the core of their sound. Previously, JRSLM have revealed several singles called “Crasher” and “Impermanence” on their Soundcloud, along with a cover from Sleep on a song titled “Dragonaut”. You could listen to “Sang Utopis” on the link below and cop the cassette tapes when you find it on your record hunt later!