Wake Up, Iris! Prelude Showcase 2017
Vania and Bie Paksi from Wake Up, Iris!
Wake Up, Iris! Held Prelude Showcase 2017 Prior to Album’s Release

Duo folk from Malang, Bie Paksi and Vania Marisca from Wake Up, Iris! would finally hit the road to perform in Jakarta and Bandung starting from 26 April till 3 May 2017. The project or a mini tour called “Prelude Showcase 2017” aims to introduce their music to the listeners in Jakarta and Bandung. “This showcase will become our first milestone before releasing our album in the next few months,” says Bie Paksi. This showcase is important for Wake Up, Iris! as they also have a purpose to test the water and wider their market after they have gained a pretty strong fanbase in East Java. “As musicians, we should be creative, not only in creating music but also in promoting and marketing it,” adds Vania. The duo have also been appointed as the Earth Hour Ambassador in Malang for their concern about the environment that is expressed in their music. This year Bie and Vania have revealed the Live Forest Version video on Youtube for their single “Rain’s Tale”. It is reported that more singles will be unveiled in the future.

Prelude Showcase 2017 will see Wake Up, Iris! visit 5 spots in Jakarta and 5 spots in Bandung. Gigs at Demajors Radio and Coffee War Kemang will open a series of showcase from the folk unit. Later on they will pay a visit to a café that belongs to fellow indie musicians, Endah and Rhesa called ‘Earhouse’ at Pamulang. Next day, they will team up with Gabriel Mayo to perform at Paviliun 28. While on 29 April they are chosen as one of the line-up for Heyfolks Festival held at Kedai Cas, Bandung. Not only performing, they will enjoy a little getaway picnic to the nature on Lazy Hiking Club with one of Teman Sebangku’s member Doly Harahap. Later at night, Folk Night at Ruang Putih Bandung will be their next destination and there will be Brur & Rull, Duta Pamungkas, and other Bandung’s folk musicians on stage. Blues guitarist, Nissan Fortz will invite Wake Up, Iris! to perform together at 5758 Coffee Lab. Lastly, they will close the showcase with a concert on “Live at Rumah Bonita, Depok” on 3 May 2017. The house belongs to Bonita from the group Bonita & The Hus Band.

Wake Up, Iris! Prelude Showcase 2017
Prelude Showcase 2017 Poster

Wake Up, Iris! do not go to these two cities unarmed, as they also ask Malang’s local brands like Labdagatic Ethnic Pop Jewelry and Sterk Malang to design their official merchandise. The merch will be brought along while they are on tour. This showcase is also supported by Floppy Brownies and the artwork is created by Macan Unggulan. Ronascent, Surabaya’s based online media will create a journal that chronicles the story from Wake Up! Iris during their showcase, including the tips and tricks for fellow musician who want to embark on a tour in the future. With enough preparation and unique concept, we hope that Wake Up, Iris! will not only bring a refreshing alternative for Indonesia’s indie scene, but also spread good message for the listeners with their music.