Bottlesmoker Tease Single EquatorBottlesmoker Tease Us With A Snippet of Upcoming Single “Equator”

It’s been two years since duo electronic from Bandung, Bottlesmoker revealed their latest album “Hypnagogic”. According to their social media, the duo comprised of Anggung Suherman (Angkuy) and Ryan Nobie Adzani are on the process of finishing their upcoming album titled “Parakosmos”. On 9 April 2017, Bottlesmoker uploaded a snippet of their forthcoming single titled “Equator” with an accompanying short video. The song showcases Bottlesmoker’s exploration in music using prominent percussion sounds, synths, and other electronic elements. The video shows the work of Jeffrey Beach depicting a gentle wave on a beach. The band stated that they are now on the process of editing the materials on “Parakosmos” album and said that this is the most ambitious and idealist part of making the album since both of them will have different opinions. Once again Dissa Kamajaya is appointed as the music director in this album and he has participated in a great deal of work with Bottlesmoker beforehand.

The band who has been involved in a special collaboration with Stars & Rabbit are also busy preparing their thesis proposal while working on “Parakosmos”. Other than being a badass electronic musicians, Bottlesmoker are also known as a project who often let their music to be enjoyed freely. The band has collaborated with Netlabel networks in Indonesia to share their music with the listeners and through a thorough article written by Angkuy, you would know the reason why sharing plays an important part in Bottlesmoker’s career as musicians. In short, they want to emphasize that their music does not belong exclusively to them, and everyone can enjoy and learn from what they do. All their album in digital format can be downloaded legally on their website with Common Creative license while the physical format can be copied and shared to those who are willing to listen to Bottlesmoker. We truly appreciate the principal and work ethic that they have, hopefully their deliver another sick tunes in “Parakosmos”. Have a little taste of “Equator” on the link below.