Closure Single Slow DriveMalang’s Post Punk Unit, Closure Reveal Their Debut EP “Journey”

Fresh from the oven, Closure present their debut four-track EP called “Journey” on 20 March 2017. The band hailing from Malang that are comprised of Dheka (vocal), Afif (guitar), Bella (guitar), Axel (bass) and Ikhsan (drum) started their journey in late 2016 and they have released a single called “Slow Drive” prior to their album release back in January 2017. Citing the influence from Motorama, Soviet-Soviet and a little from Joy Division, For Against and The Chameleons, the band have completed four tracks in their new EP. It was revealed as well that the band have just signed a contract with O’Pamela Recordings, a record label based in Jakarta to distribute and produce their “Journey EP”. The band have done several live gigs including a stint at Kalampoki’s regular gig. Renjana #6 and the latest was at Ngalam Youthphoria 2.0.

Closure Journey EP
Journey EP

The four tracks in this album are “Slow Drive”, “Mindful”, “Forest” and “Would She Love Me”. The music that Closure offer could be said as a light post punk vibe and the tracks are mostly in mid-tempo with rapid drums. We enjoy the melodies in their songs, if the pronunciation could be perfected, then we’re sold on this band. The fusion of two guitars become the strength on their songs and this young band still have a lot of rooms to grow. Their label, O’Pamela Recordings have been reported to start selling the early copies of the physical release and it comes with a merchandise from Closure which is a pin. You could stream the whole “Journey” EP here and place your online order for the CD and merchandise through O’Pamela blog. The CD is also sold offline at WR Store and Cempaka Music that will be available soon. Grab it while it’s hot!