Teddy Adhitya Eventually Debuts with an Album “Nothing Is Real”

It took Teddy Adhitya two singles and a lot of effort to finally reveal his debut album titled “Nothing Is Real”. At the end of February 2017, the singer who has the Afro hairdo trade mark launched his debut album after previously releasing two singles called “In Your Wonderland” and “Let Me”. With these two singles, Teddy Adhitya has succesfullt captured the hearts of the listeners. But the man won’t stop there as he gathered 7 more singles to be included in his album. The materials in this album represent feelings that correlate to one another.  “All feelings are summed up in this album. Happiness, sadness, uncertainty, healing, being hurt again, healed and letting go,” says Teddy about this album. He then further adds, “This album is very personal to the 25-year-old me who is always close to romance. The nine tracks that I wrote for this album were based on true stories, that have different narratives but still relate to each other.” He then realized that nothing of all the feeling is real and thus the title of the album was born.

Teddy Adhitya Nothing Is Real AlbumThe process of the album took one year that he self-produces. From its initial idea, the songwriting, until the mood setting were all done by him. Anugerah Swastadi, a guitarist was appointed as the co-producer who assisted him in the technical aspect of the recording. Other musicians like Agus Kristianto, Doni Jusran, Adra Karim and Marco Steffiano also lent their crafts in this album. “Nothing Is Real” has been released digitally on 24 February 2017 on several digital streaming services and the physical format of the records along with the merchandise could be purchased as well. He has held a launching party for this debut album at Shoemaker Studio Jakarta with his musician and celeb friends in attendance like Tulus, Eva Celia, Yura Yunita, Vidi Aldiano, Tara Basro, Kunto Aji and many more. He also had a gig on one of the most prominent music festival, which is Java Jazz Festival 2017. It looks like we’ll see a lot more of Teddy Adhitya throughout 2017 and maybe in the years to come.