Kickfest Series 2017A Secret International Guest Star Will Perform on KICKFEST Series 2017 and More Local Brands Are Involved

By now everyone might have been familiar with KICKFEST, it is one of the biggest creative market created to promote local brands that has been held in several cities in Indonesia. KICK as the abbreviation of Kreative Independent Clothing Community with Dyandra Promosindo held a press conference in Bandung on 22 February 2017 named “Public Expose” in which they explained new things that will happen during this year’s series of KICKFEST. “Public Expose” is also this year’s theme for all of their clothing bazaar series. Taking place at Fabrik Eatery and Bar, they elaborated the preparation they have done so far to hold the creative bazaar. The mega business which spotlights local brands plan to keep collaborating with the existing brands and even intend to add more local brands to their list. In 2016, they worked together with 200 local brands and this year 250 brands have been confirmed to join KICKFEST.

As explained during the presscon, they aim to encourage the local brand movement as well as other creative industries and prove that Indonesia has the potential to promote its creative market. Still collaborating with their long time partner, a cellular phone’s provider, Simpati, the committee of KICKFEST bring something new to this year’s festival. One of them is V60 competition in which baristas will have a chance to win a reward. “As we see nowadays, coffee has become our youth’s passion that is easily found everywhere. We will hold a V60 competition or coffee’s manual brewing. Besides, we will also create other interesting competitions that are worth to join,” said the director of KICKFEST. Other than its creative clothing bazaar, KICKFEST is also known to host a music concert that usually invite musicians from the mainstream, sidestream or independent movements.

They spilled the news that a secret international guest star will appear on KICKFEST’ music stage and bring more fun to the festival. The first series of “Public Expose” will happen during The 9th ICE (Indie Clothing Expo) at Exhibtion Hall & Outdoor Area Grand City, Surabaya on 31 March – 2 April 2017. Later on the KICKFEST series will arrive in Malang (Lapangan Rampal) on 4 – 6 August 2017, Yogyakarata (Jogja Expo Center) on 29 September – 1 October 2017 and in Bandung (Pussenif PPI) on 3 – 5 November 2017. All of the series have a pretty long interval, to make room for the team to move from one city to another. Hopefully this kind of encouragement from huge enterprise will make a lasting impact on the small creative businesses, instead of killing them.

Writer: Zakaria/Editor: Novita Widia