The Schuberts Taken Aback Music VideoThe Schuberts Show Their Dance Moves with The Music Video for “Taken Aback”

Indie rock band from Bandung, The Schuberts have debuted last year with an EP called “Kircland”. This year they decided to promote the second single from the album called “Taken Aback”. Bahmaniar Ryou (vocal/guitar), Iqra Sadra (guitar), Lutfi Handika (bass), and Satrio Adi (drum) released the visual for the track on 21 February 2016 to coincide with their EP one-year-anniversary. This video is actually their first ever video they made. “Taken Aback” itself tells about a kind of sadness in which the lyrics explore the notion of grief from the point of view of a person from broken home family. Ryou explains, “The lyrics of the song tells about the feelings of someone who comes from a broken home family, and he expresses his distaste for his mother who has broken up his family.” It sounds pretty depressing already, but wait until you watch their video.

Contrasting with the sorrowful meaning of the song, The Schuberts deliver happiness and cheerful ambience with the visual. With an easy listening melodies and simple chords, “Taken Aback” is more like a happy tunes rather than sad ones. They also do some choreographed dance moves in the video that reminds us of what Ok Go usually do in their video. For the music video production, The Schuberts got tremendous help by their friends alike. Herin Damara is the director of this music video who was also in charge of becoming the cameraman and director of photography. There is also a gorgeous lady that will catch your attention and she is Jovanka R. Alexandra, who turns out to be a close friend of the band. Previously, the band which was formed in 2010 have revealed their debut single called “Restless Hour”. Watch “Taken Aback” video on their Youtube account below.