SCALLER Concert "Spirit of The Thing"SCALLER Will Held Debut Solo Concert “Spirit of The Thing” at the End of February

SCALLER have just released their brilliant debut album at the beginning of this year titled “Senses”. They show that they do not joke around to promote this album by holding a solo concert at 23rd of February called “Spirit of The Thing”. The alternative rock group comprised of Reney Karamoy (guitar, vocal) and Stella Gareth (synth bass, vocal) will perform their live set and play songs from “Senses”. The album contains 9 new tracks that were self-produced by Reney. The concert will last for two hours and it will be opened with a performance from another band, Anomalyst. The concert promises exciting play of sounds and visual that match the ambience of the album.

For you who haven’t heard the album yet, it displays complexity of SCALLER’s music with an edge. It is sophisticated modern rock sound combined with haunting vocals from both Stella and Reney, who take turns to sing in some tracks or sing together in a song. Drummers Enrico Octaviano and Dhani Siahaan helped SCALLER to fill in the drum portion in the album as well. Their live show is known for its high level of energy and spirit, so their upcoming concert “Spirit of The Thing” manages to pique the curiosity and interest from music enthusiasts everywhere. The intense experience will be presented during the concert and it will deepen the connection between the artists and the listeners.

SCALLER "Senses"Taking place at Erasmus Huis, Kuningan, Jakarta the ticket for “Spirit of The Thing” concert will be sold starting from tomorrow, 6 February 2017. A week starting from tomorrow will be dedicated for presale ticket which costs IDR100,000 (6-12 February 2017). Whereas the following week after that, normal price will be sold st IDR125,000 (13-20 February 2017). A bundling concert ticket which comes with the physical CD of “Senses” is also available for purchase at IDR150,000. With the capacity of 350 seats, you’d better get yourself ready to obtain the ticket via SCALLER’s website at “Senses” is available to be streamed online via Spotify, Apple Music, and many more. While the physical CD is sold at several offline record stores in some cities in Indonesia.