Settle Unpleasant Feelings EPSettle Unleash All Their Grudges on “Unpleasant Feelings” EP

Have we mentioned that 2017 is going to be the year for emo revival? Seems like it’s going to be true as Settle, an emotive/hardcore/alternative unit from Denpasar, Bali is ready to take over your playlist with “Unpleasant Feelings” EP. Settle is a band comprised of four men that are not new faces in Bali’s independent music scene. They previously and still are an active member of bands like Modern Guns, Ice Cream Attack, King Of Panda, Good Morning Sunrise, and Hirotaro. In May 2016, Indra Purnama (vocal), Yudi Septyan (bass), Eka Cipta (guitar), and Gungde Yudistira (drum) decided to form a band that creates music filled with angst, emotive lyrics, and ambient/shoegaze instrumental. This is a step outside their comfort zone from their previous bands.

“Unpleasant Feelings” is a four track EP that was released on 21 January 2017 digitally and physically through their Bandcamp site. The album is filled with feelings that were felt by humans and poured out through music. Each song in this mini album tells different perspective of stories that were divided into chapters. Those chapters could stand alone well by themselves, but it will be complete if you listen to all of them thoroughly. Uniquely the chapters are not on chronological order, as it has chapter 2, 7, 3 and six respectively. This might be a strategy by Settle and also a hint that they will complete all the chapters with future releases. Through a press release, the band said that they try to create two fictional characters in this album which will have a complete story later on.

Settle Unpleasant Feelings EPThe philosophy behind this album is representing hidden feelings that haunt us relentlessly. That feelings in invisible to our eyes and could only be felt, and Settle aim to explain it with “Unpleasant Feelings”. We completely enjoy our experience with this album and “Sertraline” would be our favorite from the bunch, but all the songs are worth to listen to. There’s a little screamo and excellent melodies and riffs which would bring us to trace back our memories of feelings that ever crossed our minds and hearts. With this release, Settle are settled (get the pun right?) to be big this year. Listen to their EP “Unpleasant Feelings” below and let the stream of their melodies ambush your feelings.

“Unpleasant Feelings” Tracklist :

  1. Chapter 2: Ileana
  2. Chapter 7: Losing Track
  3. Chapter 3: Growing Up//Giving Up
  4. Chapter 6: Sertraline