Brian KP DenganmuBrian KP of Sheila on 7 Delivers His Solo Project Through “Denganmu”

Brian Kresno Putro is more known as the drummer of renown legendary band, Sheila On 7. Little do we know that Brian KP for instance, is also a soloist who is capable of composing, performing and arranging his own music.  The musician who was a former member of band Tiket is now planning to release a mini album titled “Rumah” via 507 Records and digitally through Mahakarya Inc. The 35-year-old musician fills the mini album with 4 songs which are self composed by himself. He also plays the instruments and sings the songs to hone his creations. “As a musician I think about doing things that never or rarely been done by a drummer. I write songs, play the music and sing them myself,” says Brian KP.

For starters, he has revealed one of the single in this album called “Denganmu” on January 13th 2017. It is the last song that was included in this album after the production team asked for more materials. His three children become the inspiration for this song and they lyrics tell about someone who is grateful for what he got. The music arrangement was assisted by Tomo Widayat and Tama Wicitra from TomTam production. “Denganmu” sounds very simple and floating, the acoustic sounding instruments were played upon minimalist vocal. The song is like an easy listening folk pop number that suits to listen to while we were thinking of all the gifts we have received in life.

Brian KP DenganmuMoreover, Brian tells about the beginning of this mini album. The root of it could be traced back to 2014 when he got inspired to compose his own music. In a fortnight, three songs were born and they were poured into his debut solo mini album “Rumah”. “Maybe I see Phil Collin who succeeds in singing and the drummer of KISS (as well) and many more. In Indonesia we have Marcel Siahaan. They make it with their own ways. I do too. I want to keep my part to be explored as a drummer to stay in Sheila On 7. In this album it will be different, I’m no longer just a drummer, but a complete package,” elaborates Brian about this project. For your information, all the songs in this album are mastered directly at Abbey Road Studio, London. It is one of the best experience for Brian as a musician and one of the achievement that should be appreciated. Listen to “Denganmu” by Brian KP below and his mini album “Rumah” is set to drop around February this year.