Sanctuary Humana Inopia Emotive Hardcore Act, Sanctuary, Deliver An Epic Debut Single Titled “Humana Inopia”

Bandung has one more emo act to watch out in 2017 and they are called Sanctuary. Dubbed themselves as an emotive hardcore band, the five piece revealed their debut single called “Humana Inopia” on January 1st 2017 via 1994 Records. “Humana Inopia” derived from latin words which more or less means human’s insufficiency. The band is comprised of Ridwan (vocal), Biman (guitar), Diki (guitar), Cile (bass) and Dian (drum). Just like most of emo songs out there, the song depicts their frustration and desperation about life. Since it’s kinda hard to understand and interpret the lyrics without much explanation from them, we’ll leave it to you to judge. The instruments on the other hand, are beautifully played. Sanctuary recorded the single at Depthbase & Yeah Music with the mixing handled by Depthbase. While the single artwork is created by Bokirsgn.

Starting the song with a mellow dramatic sound and recorded voice over, the music then kicks off on mid tempo before the screamo enters and increases the tension of the song. The screaming part is combined with a little bit of talk-sing manner and with catchy punk-emo background music, “Humana Inopia” offers its endearing charm. On the press release that we received, Sanctuary cite Touché Amoré and Pianos Become The Teeth as their influences, and it clearly shows on their first single. We could say that Sanctuary is off for a good start with this debut single and they are expected to release their EP sometime in 2017. Previously, the band has played this song live during one of their studio gig called Hardfree Nation at Cipanas, West Java on July 2016. Their single “Humana Inopia” has been released digitally through 1994 Records’ Bandcamp site. You can purchase the single here and listen to the preview of the song below.