Malang Indie Essential Tracks 2016The 20 Malang Indie Essential Tracks from 2016

Throughout 2016, Malang indie music scene was pretty much fervent with many releases from potential musicians and bands. The music discography, whether in the form of single or album were overflowing and most of them were worth checking out. Music gigs, concerts, or festival level celebration in Malang were packed and they further proved the high enthusiasm within our local music scene. In this special mixtape, we have compiled 20 essential indie tracks that were released by Malang’s indie musicians during 2016 that we thought were compelling enough to wrap up the year.

Some of these acts might have popped up in your radar beforehand and the rest would be completely unknown to you. We purposely did not put several notable acts like Christabel Annora, Iksan Skuter, Beeswax, Much, and Megatrvh on this list, since they have become household names in 2016 and made their breakthroughs this year. If you have no idea about these musicians, you’re missing out a lot.

Having had to narrow down our list to 20, not all of our desired tracks could make the cut. There are still a lot of fascinating releases like the ones from the veteran bands which are Tani Maju, Breath of Despair, Hindsight or No Man’s Land. The debutantes like M I K A, Kos Atos, Strider or Larynx have showed off their talents by launching interesting releases this year. While solo side projects from Bagas Yudhiswa (Beeswax) or Dandy Gilang (Much) have stolen some spotlight with their new and refreshing take on music besides their main acts. For you who love more hardcore music, please do check out the latest singles from Fallen To Pieces, Hellhound or Savor which could be easily found on the internet.

We Are The Pigs Vol.2Here is our 20 Malang indie essential tracks from 2016 that are assembled in the form of continuous mixtape. It features various music genres that display Malang indie music scene which is vary and colorful (hopefully!). Goodbye 2016, we’re going to rock 2017 even harder!


1.Manifesto Utopis – Remissa

First of all, a rock number would be good to pump up the spirit to open the mixtape. This track contains grunge sound, strong hooks, and dirty cuts from Remissa.

2.Kembara – Pagi Tadi

The music of Pagi Tadi exhibits a peaceful morning when we’re surrounded by people and mother earth. Fans of folk musicians like Ebiet G Ade, Franky Sahilatua, Leo Kristi or Ari Reda would find a similar tone of music in this track. “Kembara”, a song about wandering satisfies our needs of good folk song.

3. Bermimpilah – Brigade 07

Malang’s pop-punk veteran is coming back with a good dream after their long sleep (hiatus). With short and simple melody, we expect more good things to come on their upcoming releases.

4. Gravity – Inheritors

These young thrashers bring you a heyday of ’86 infused with sci-fi and outer space theme. Raise up the volume of your speakers, they’re thrashing it like there’s no tomorrow.

5. Waktu Itu – Rotan dan Kayu

A promising vintage pop/jazzy unit from Malang has released a song about two people who fell in love with each other and eventually entered each other’s universe. Rotan and Kayu have some potential tracks that hopefully could make up an impressive debut album that is planned to be released in 2017.

 6. Heartbreaker – Coldiac

A fresh and cool indie-rock tunes from Tlogomas residents, Coldiac has been chosen for their lead single from their debut album. It has an electro-pop and rock feel to it which reminds us of UK indie rockers, The 1975.

7. Pesta Pora Babirusa – Babirusa

The song literally brings everyone dancing on the moshpit and it is a staple party anthem for punk/hardcore lovers. Babirusa deliver crossover shots with more cocktails and stage dives with this single.

8. Unity – Tropical Forest

The finest reggae unit from this town, Tropical Forest brings the Rastafarian groove with “Unity”. They’re gonna keep on dancing now and forever. Jah!

9. Freja – Crimson Diary

Crimson Diary is going deeper and darker on their second album. “Freja” that was taken from the name of the vocalist’s daughter, portrays a strong family bond in this band.

10. Better Left Unsaid – Leftover

A new post-hardcore unit that you shouldn’t leave behind. The screaming vengeance displays an epic anger that welcomes back emotive movement in Malang indie music scene.

11. Home – Chamomile

Chamomile offers sweet and dreamlike themed song. “Home” tells about Lucy’s (the fictional character from their album) longing for home. The song is suitable to be listened on a lovely afternoon, probably with a cup of tea and some biscuit.

12. Patriotis – Boosdoener

Boosdoener show ‘em how it’s done with their killer beats and rhymes. The track is dope and exhibit the MC’s strength in delivering bars in a solid hip hop track called “Patriotis”.

  13. Dekadensi Dunia – Hand of Hope

When hardcore and metal blend together in a fair way, completed with killer riffs, angry voice, and blasting drumbeats make a solid track from Hand of Hope.

14. You – Dizzyhead

This female-led band can surf and rock with their debut single “You”. Expected to release their album “Good Ol’ Days” next year, we wish to see more of them soon.

15. Paint The Night – Earth of Heaven feat. Christabel Annora

A perfect collaboration track to be listened while we’re staring at the moon and stars, and we wish not to come back. It sounds beautiful and atmospheric, simply dreamlike.

16. Kitalah Luka – Karat

These hard-working guys play metal core and they can scare you to the max with “Kitalah Luka”. One of the best act from Malang indie metal core scene.

17. Escalating Wanderlust – Monohero

A tie-dye audio visual and psychedelic-ambient musical experience demonstrates magic mushroom done right. Go to their show, it’s better served on stage.

18. Asap – Berbisa

Berbisa serves stoney rock in the same veins as Black Sabbath, QOTSA, and Seringai. This track is better to be played louder in a room full of people and beer.

19. I Hate You and Your Drama – I’m Sorry I’m Lost

A dead-end instrumental post rock in one long scene from a debut act I’m Sorry I’m Lost. No need more words, these guys can play their guitar until the end of time.

20. Bergegas Mati – Beautiful Mental Disorder

This town’s scene is also built by an un-easy listening and disturbing music like what Beautiful Mental Disorder offer. So in the end, enjoy this noise/harsh composition.

Side note: The song list is composed as mixtape tracklist in no particular order,  for you to enjoy. We do not rank them in order of preference or anything else.

Writer & Music Selection by: Samack/ Translator & editor : Novita / Artwork : Eiji