Cupbop Korean Fast Food
Bulddak Bowl Level 8
Korean Comfort Fast Food From Cupbop Indonesia
 It seems like the Korean wave is still going strong in Indonesia, proven by its steady import on music, movie, and culinary. Korean fast food chain has opened its branch in Indonesia and expanded its business since and Cupbop is no expception. Cupbop brand themselves as Korean BBQ restaurant which also serves takeout, and since they have just opened their new outlet in Gandaria City in September, we had to try it ourselves. If you happen to be at Gandaria City Mall, you must notice this bright yellow spot that sells Korean fast food. With its signature rice bowl logo and hangul writing, Cupbop which located near Lottemart serves various choice of Korean dishes. They offer mainly rice bowl with Korean BBQ beef or chicken. What’s interesting is we could mix the dish as we like, meaning we could combine two items from the menu list into one combo set that only costs IDR 45,455.  We decided to eat their newest menu called Buldak Bop with the spiciness level of 8 and Kko Chi Combo Set (Korean chilli fried chicken mixed with BBQ chicken) with spiciness level of 10. Mandoo became our choice of side dish as well.
Cupbop Korean Fast Food
Kko Chi Combo Set Level 10

Visually speaking, the dishes looked mouthwatering with its glistening red sauce and sesame seed topping. As we devoured into them, they taste less Korean which means that they toned the flavor down somehow to match our taste buds. We expected a strong kimchi or soy sauce flavor to present on the dishes. The spiciness level was not too frightening as we did not drown in our tears and sweat after finished them. Cupbop ricebowls also have a little bit of Korean stir fried glass noodle or known as Japchae for the topping, and they also added lettuce, onion and carrot to the mix. If you eat it without adding the sauce, you will be able to taste the meat, spice and the freshness of crunchy lettuce and the Japchae clearly. The had their own distinct taste that suits best if eaten with a bowl of warm rice. Once we poured the sauce however, the sauce took over our palettes and the flavor blended in unison. Their fried chicken was crunchy outside and well seasoned, while the BBQ one was mild tasting.

Cupbop Korean Fast Food
Pomme and Pear Korean Juice

Much to our surprise, the mandoo was pretty good but unfortunately it wasn’t served piping hot and the filling did not feel that fresh in our opinion. To complete our Korean fast food experience, we had Pear and Pomme Korean juice as our beverages selection. Since it was bottled juice, do not expect fresh fruit taste coming from it, but we truly enjoyed them. Both tasted fresh, cold and at the same time sweet and a tad sour. They came in glass bottle which looked fancy and elegant. The price is affordable enough and you could also get special price offer if you use T-Cash or BCA credit card while it still lasts.

Cupbop Gandaria City, LG floor near Lottemart
– Food price range : IDR 29,091 – IDR 45,455
– Beverage price range : IDR 7,273 – IDR 22,727
– Side dishes price range : IDR 10,909
Delivery and Take Away Available