Fazerdaze Tour in Jakarta Indonesia
Cr: Joseph Clough
Fazerdaze’s Upcoming Show in Indonesia Will Be Hosted by Noisewhore

[JAKARTA] New Zealand’s very own Fazerdaze will embark on an upcoming tour starting this November to promote her newest project “Break!”. On an announcement made on her Instagram account on (4/10) the producer/singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist whose real name is Amelia Murray enlisted four cities including Jakarta, Indonesia. The musician will start off her tour in Wellington on November 25th, continued with Auckland on the 26th. Then she’ll take her tour to Bangkok in November 19th, and Jakarta on November 20th. In a statement released by Noisewhore, they are glad to once again host the musician’s tour as they were also the organizer for Fazerdaze’s show in 2017. “Fazerdaze is coming back after 5 years with us! We started doing (semi-big) international shows with her in 2017, so it’s kinda fitting that we started things off again with her. Can’t wait to see you all. Old and new faces all around,” wrote the collective’s caption on their Instagram official account. Fazerdaze Tour in Jakarta Indonesia

Back in 2017, the musician who is known to have Indonesian ancestry greeted the concertgoers with a performance at Rossi Musik, Fatmawati, Jakarta. As of now, Noisewhore haven’t disclosed the venue for her upcoming gig but it will be located at South Jakarta. Since the venue is not announced yet, we believe that the tickets will still sell out fast after seeing the previous enthusiastic response for her concert. Using their own independent digital platform that is The Store Front, the tickets for Fazerdaze’s gig in Jakarta – officially titled NW Presents: Fazerdaze Live in Jakarta is sold at IDR350.000. Just like her 2017’s gig, the onlookers might also expect a few opening acts before Amelia Murray and co. take the stage. The songstress will perform all the songs from her latest “Break!” EP that chronicles her experience during COVID lockdown in New Zealand as well as her separation from a 9-year relationship. We simply could not wait to welcome Fazerdaze and hopefully you’ll secure the ticket to meet us at the stage’s front row! Keep your eyes peeled to @noisewhore social media for future announcements.

Writer/Editor: Novita Widia
Photo: section1/Noiswhore