Much Skin by Skin Music Video Single“Skin by Skin”, A Bubbly & Catchy Indie Rock Anthem from Much

After gracing us in the beginning of quarantine with “Stay Inside“, Malang’s indie rock outfit, Much returned with a catchy new single called “Skin by Skin” via Haum Entertainment. Donning a pretty similar style with their previous single, it is a delightful and bubbly indie pop anthem that accentuates Anggi’s adorable vocal. This time around, they toned down the cheerful spirit that “Stay Inside” has, and diverted towards a more somber and mellow approach. The single talks about how people tear each other apart by silence. As Aulia Anggia from Much stated on the press release, silence treatment could be as hurtful as verbal abuse and it’s damaging a relationship in the long run. Thus the phrase ‘skin by skin, you’re cutting me thin…‘ is emphasized over and over in its chorus.

Considering how more subtle their music has grown in 2020, Much has become less Lemuria now and has inclined towards Fazerdaze’s musical style with Beabadobee’s lyrical touch. Even though their latest two numbers can be considered as mild, you can still hear Much’s rock edge on their guitar riffs on this song. As 2020 has shaped into a shitty year, it’s not surprising that Much decide to be more in tune with sadness, loneliness, and their inner emotions. Beside an audio release, Much has also treated us with a lyrics video on their Youtube channel. They utilized various tools and devices they got and recorded a home-style lyrics video which is  simple yet creative at the same time. They video was shot in Jakarta, where half of Much have resided in the mean time. If we think about it, Much has done all this while being imposed with social restriction and it is an amazing feat! You can watch the lyrics video below and listen to the song on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, and various streaming services.