RL KLAV Get Their Groove Back On with "Crayon Eyes" ft. Matter MosRL KLAV Get Their Groove Back On with “Crayon Eyes” ft. Matter Mos

Not many song could evoke various emotions and memories, but RL KLAV‘s latest track featuring rapper Matter Mos called “Crayon Eyes” is the right example for it. Those who grew up listening to R&B tunes in early 2000’s from Aaliyah, Mary J. Blige, Alicia Keys, Iwa K or even TLC must find a familiar feeling while listening to “Crayon Eyes”. The duo whose debut self-titled EP earned a great review from The Display, showcased their wide take of R&B genre through this latest song. Started off with Matter Mos’ adlibs, the song began with great hook and beats that become the foundation of the very song. Rizikia Larasati (RL) took command as the main vocalist and her voice is magnificently paired with Keisha Aita (KLAV)’s sultry vocal in the background.

The first verse lays a great stepping stone for Matter Mos’ bars to blend in well with the song. When you think you already know all the hook, verse, and melodies, they deliver a different kind of tone in the bridge. The usage of percussion also adds a much needed variation in the instrument’s department. “Crayon Eyes” has a pretty similar vibe as “Rainbow”– their 2019’s single, but the combo of Matter Mos and various instruments manage to enliven the atmosphere to match the message behind the song, as well as giving the song its distinct old-skool R&B vibe.

As of the meaning behind this tune, RL KLAV stated that it addresses the issue of empathy. “It’s about being humble, realizing that we humans are susceptible to errors”, explained the duo through a press release. It asks the listener to look beyond what they see, and to increase their empathy by trying to understand how a person was brought up. Released under Double Deer Music, “Crayon Eyes” becomes the second track after “Thankful” that they released this year. Gearing up towards a full album which is planned to be released in near future, “Crayon Eyes” is a wonderful trip-down-a-memory-lane anthem that should be blasted while you are driving around town. Listen to the song on various digital streaming services.