Steffani BPM About That Night Single
Cr: Fajar Satria Yudha Perdana
Steffani BPM’s “About That Night” is The Perfect Night Out Theme Song

One night, you had a lively conversation with someone you adored. You talked about everything that crossed your minds and the conversation seemed endless. That pretty much sums up Steffani BPM‘s latest single “About That Night”. The singer returned to the music scene one year after unveiling her much loved debut “Almost”. Chronicling a story about a conversation she had with her ex-lover, “About That Night” was born in collaboration with her producer, Bagas Yudhiswa. “Actually since it was my personal experience with my ex, I didn’t really intend to release this song. However, should my past define what I could or could not do? So, I decided to let the world know,” said Steffani. As this song developed later on, the message was no longer about Steffani BPM and her ex. It also told about million other couples out there who fell deep in conversation and found similarities with one another.

Musically, “About That Night” follows a more mainstream formula that was directed towards music trend nowadays compared to “Almost”. It can easily be categorised as chill-pop since the beat lays a more dominant foundation throughout the song. It is heavily layered with vocals and includes more synths which made us think that Steffani BPM’s influences could be more varied, instead of just pure R&B. Since it already comes with lots of vocal layers, we think that “About That Night” might be suitable for a choir remix with a big orchestral vibe and a more dramatic spin. Although our proposed version might be more suitable for a live rendition, the studio one is a more digestible material to be heard on a daily basis. It was proven to be loved by listeners alike since the song made appearances on Spotify’s editorial playlists like IndieNesia, Woman of Indonesia, and Indie Shuffle. To make it more appealing, this song seems to be the perfect theme song for a night out, or a stroll during the rain. Enjoy the song to the fullest on various digital streaming services.