Lalala Festival 2020 Ready to be HeldLalala Festival Puts The Dark Past Behind with The Upcoming Lalala Festival 2020

JAKARTA – Remember when almost everyone who attended Lalala Festival 2019 freaked out after their horrendous experience at the festival? Well, the organizer behind the forest music festival called THE Group are ready to put the shameful history of theirs behind by introducing a new partner this time around. Beforehand, THE Group always acted solely on their own in organizing the festival. In order to deliver a much better experience for the visitors, and a seamless music festival for all, the organizer works together with The Imaginary Boys. During a press conference held at Hotel Santika Premiere Slipi, Jakarta, it was announced that the festival which will be held on April 18th – 19th, 2020 will still be held at Orchid Forest Cikole, Lembang

Using the hashtag #BetterLaLaLa , the festival realized that a long and arduous preparation is necessary for the festival. Looking back at their not-so well-organized festival last year, this time Lalala Festival 2020 will sell a limited number of tickets as well as dividing the festival in two days for the first time ever. “We want to make sure that besides the line-up of musicians, the festival experience at the forest will be the main goal for the festivalgoers. We want to remind once again, that Lalala Festival is one-of-a kind festival. There would be hiking, walking, since it is held at a high altitude place. But we want to make the experience worth it. This is the core message that we want to address for the visitors before they attend the festival,” said Carmel Puma as the founder of Lalala Festival.

Lalala Festival 2020 Ready to be Held
Press conference of Lalala Festival 2020

The first presale tickets for the upcoming celebration which was sold out on December 16th, 2019 indicating the high enthusiasm the festival has, despite various negative feedbacks coming from the festivalgoers the year before. The second presale was also sold out in an instant, with a 6-month instalment available as the payment choice. The festival also moves back the date for the festival as far as April, since it was usually held earlier. With the hope that the rainy season has gone by the time the festival arrives, Lalala Festival 2020 also introduces a new system of their line-up announcement. Instead of giving teasers or hints about their announcement, they aim to surprise the music enthusiasts with sudden announcement to make the hype stronger than ever before. It was also pointed out that Lalala Festival 2020 is a collaboration effort between visitors, committee, sponsors, and vendors. So it would be better that there is synergy between all parties involved. In the meantime, the confirmed musicians for the festival includes Tori Kelly, Jeff Bernat, Heize, Maw & Wang, Mantra Vutura, Svmmerdose, Reality Club, Amigdala, Stars & Rabbit, Petra Sihombing, Sal Priadi, Danilla, and Kunto Aji.

The third presale will start today at 19.00 PM Western Indonesia Time at Grab the tickets fast before it runs out. There will be three categories available which are Early Entry, Regular and VIP. See you in the cool breeze of Cikole this April and bring your hiking boots and raincoats as well!