Stars & Rabbit New Single "Little Mischievous"Stars & Rabbit Announced Elda’s New Bandmate + New Single “Little Mischievous”

After the departure of Adi Widodo from Stars & Rabbit, Elda went on saying that the band will still continue their musical journey. Recently, the folk unit has just announced Elda’s new bandmate who replaces Adi’s position. It is Didit Saad, a critically acclaimed musician who has involved in various projects like grunge band Plastik, music arranger for “Ruma Maida” movie, as well as the sound production team for “Man Upon The Hill”. The announcement was met with excitement from Stars & Rabbit’s listeners as they had been worried sick that the duo might go on a lengthy hiatus after Adi’s departure. Along with the news of new member, Stars & Rabbit revealed a new single called “Little Mischievous” that is a part of their upcoming album “Rainbow Aisle”. The single is about to be dropped on January 22nd, 2020 along with its music video. In the meantime, the fans could hear a glimpse of the song through the band’s Behind The Scene video for the aforementioned single.

From the look of it, Stars & Rabbit seem to ditch their acoustic folk concept and go straight into the 90’s pop-rock influence with their new single “Little Mischievous”. Elda is seen sporting a bright blue wig with eclectic costume choices. While Didit, on the other hand looks comfortable enough to wear make up, striped pyjamas, and plastic goggles. The video directed by Agung Pambudi and just like its title suggests, showcases the mischievous side from the band. It reminds us of Elda’s past project as EVO but with a 90’s flair. One thing that doesn’t change is Elda’s unique voice and unmatched vocals. Moreover about their forthcoming album which will be out in February, it is filled with moments and the journey that they went through as a new pair in the past few months. As an example, their new single is how Elda reacted to Didit during the creative process behind their sophomore album. I always wonder how far my creative mind can go with some shifts of paradigms. Apparently, it’s like meeting the me I never knew in this album. And lucky me, Didit connects me to that wilderness. ‘Little Mischievous’ captures all that.

Earlier this year, Stars & Rabbit also launched their collaboration project with Bandung’s electronic duo Bottlesmoker called “Pieces That Fit”. The album is the culmination of their long friendship and musical collaboration. 2020 will be a hectic ride for Stars & Rabbit as they have planned a tour across Asia starting from February 20th, in Taipei, Tokyo, and Busan. While waiting for their single to be out, you can watch the BTS video from the music video below.